How a Package Forwarding Service Works and Why You’d Need One

The majority of people are unaware of how a package forwarding service works.  Package forwarding service companies are one of the best ways to get access to products and goods that, otherwise, may not be unavailable to you in your area.  Package forwarding companies give you access to foreign markets and this can be helpful in getting you more competitive pricing.  

Larger corporations have employed this concept, in one shape or another, for decades to increase purchasing power.  Now, you can take that same concept and apply it on an individual basis.  Many American retailers do not offer shipping to Germany from USA for example.  In these situations, a parcel forwarding company can gather your products and ship to Germany for a small fee.

For example, during the summer months, baby products are significantly less expensive in the United States versus the rest of the world.  This is because this is the baby season in the USA.

If you are in need of baby products, you will get the most “bang” for your buck by taking advantage of the sales offered during these months.  Companies such as ShipW offer an easy to use parcel forwarding service with a no cost sign up.


Stick with a Reputable Package Forwarding Service Company

You need to be careful when deciding on the best parcel forwarding company to use.  Always stick with a reputable firm to avoid any unnecessary stress or losses.  Choosing a low-quality package forwarding company can cost you big time.  Your package can arrive damaged, late, and in some instances, your package may never make it. 


ShipW – the Smart Choice

ShipW is one of the leading package forwarding companies online.  They have an excellent record of accomplishment and are one of the few companies that offer a free account sign up.  Follow the steps below to set your account up and you will be enjoying access to US retailers in no time.


How a Package Forwarding Service Works – ShipW Sign Up

  1. Create an Account – Creating an account is easy.  Simply go to and click on the create account link.  The sign-up process takes less than five minutes to complete.
  2. Verify Your Identity – You will be required to verify your identity by uploading a picture of your passport or ID.  This step is required, so be sure to have one of these items on hand when you are signing up.
  3. Shop – Now that your account is all set-up, you are ready to begin shopping.  You are assigned a United States shipping address to use for your orders.  Simply shop as you would normally and when it is time to enter your shipping address, put the address that was assigned to you with your ShipW account.
  4. Consider You Options – One of the best features about the ShipW service is its flexibility.  Once your packages arrive at the ShipW address provided you will be able to decide what options are best for you.  You can request a photo of your package to verify it is the correct item.  If you have multiple orders, you can have your packages consolidated before being shipped to Germany.  This can help reduce costs further.  If the package is not what you ordered, you can instruct ShipW to return it to the sender. 


Parcel Forwarding – Final Thoughts

Thanks to the creative minds at ShipW, you can save a ton of money on your next online purchases.  Cheap international shipping from the US is now a reality.  The only problem now is, deciding where to put all of your new stuff.